The Weekend

So glad the weekend is finally here! I got a lot fo work done yesterday so I can have a fun weekend filled with me things! Yesterday I finished up the black mohair reroot for a custom, worked on severals rows of a blue nylon reroot and cut out several dresses for a shop update on Monday. I get to start on a friends thermal reroot next and I'm super excited about this one, thermal is always so fun to work with.

I prepped the scalp of my Odeco for her reroot, I really hope to get this one started this weekend, it's going to look awesome! I was tempted to let her go since I hated the stock wig she came with and the extra one I bought, both of them were center parts and laid weird on her face. So I cut off the hair on the extra wig and bought 3 hanks of nylon in Pussycat for the main color and Old Bubblegum for the streaks. I'm going to do the reroot a little different than I do Blythe's, I want to do bangs, but I can't take an iron and wet rag to her head like I can on Blythe's when I do bangs. So I'm going to reroot a part line at the top of her head, then work around in a spiral so she will have permanent non-parted bangs. This way I just need to wrap her in saran wrap and pour hot water over her head to keep the bangs down a bit, kind of like you do with Barbie and Momoko reroots.

The dresses I cut out for the shop on Monday are SO cute! One is already finished, just need to finish the other three this weekend and all but one are getting a ruffled collar. I couldn't find any ruffle in my stash that would go well with the coffee print, so I'm using a jute ric rack trim for the bottom edge.

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