Amineko and Sketches

Finished! Just finished sewing together the 5th Amineko I've made so far. I might make another for me down the road, they are addicting to make.

In between sewing him up and making lunch I sketched up something I had in my head this morning. I recently became interested in Kaiju toys while doing toy making research, I find them super interesting! With anything I get into, I always like to know the background and history fo things so I did some searching on Kaiju toys and now I'm even more interested in these figures. I was inspired by Kaiju and my love of sugar and sketched this up.

I was looking through Super 7's store and bought my first Kaiju toy! Naturally I picked a cute one but I really want to check more out and get a nice ugly monster with full color. I really want a Paul Kaiju toy, badly! Anyways, I ordered this guy here.

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