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I really need to do at least one blog post a day, even a small one! Ack! I have been on vacation and just got back on Wens! We went to Placervilla, Ca to visit family and had a great time.

Now that I am back, I have lots or projects to wrap up and work to do. I have about 6 Blythes to do faceups on next week, an Aminkeo to stuff and sew together, a monster to finish crocheting, a therml reroot to finish (last row) and a new nylon reroot to start! Whew! Not to mention new newspaper hats to sew up! Eep! :) I will start cutting out the hats tonight and they will list tomorrow, I won't be doing an Person hats this time, all Blythe.

Today I am back on WW and doing great so far! I eben jumped back on the exercise bike after a couple
months break! This morning I found a tiny Buddha statue charm in the bedroom. I was laying in bed this morning while Zoƫ slept in and searching my iphone for inspirational weight loss quotes to tape up around the house, then I found this little charm. I think it belonged to my Granny, she had them all over the house. I think of it as a sign from her to keep motivated and inspired. I'm not religious or spiritual at all, I just believe in karma and things happen for a reason. I have kept it in my pocket all day and it has really helped me today, odd. Maybe I should look more into being spiritual...

Anyways, this weekend I want to clean and change the downstairs up a bit to! :)

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