Ralph and Ick Prototype's

Finally finished the sculpting of Ralph. Now I need to bake him once more and start sanding like mad to get him nice and smooth and define his leg/feet.

I also started sculpting Ick, a smaller monster. He has a tin foil center like Ralph and I used tooth picks to give his legs some stability while sculpting. I'll bake him today with Ralph and start working on his face and details. Happy monster perhaps?

As for arms, not sure what I have planned for them. I really like him armless but I am thinking of turning him into a tiny zombie monster with ripped limbs... or save the zombie for a larger monster like Ralph's size.

A quick shot of the size comparison between the two. Ralph is aprox 4" in height and 3.25" wide. Ick is just shy of 2" in height and width.

I also built the first Lego mold I'll be using to cast Ick. Ralph needs a larger Lego platform and more bricks, need to add that to my "to order" list along with more silicon and urethane. I think I have enough silicon and urethane coming to make Ick's mold and maybe 2 casts.

Also on my agenda today is to give life to this pile of Aminkeo parts! I'm doing a trade with Mimsy and I'm dieing to photograph this guy today! I've already started on the head after photographing this pile. He will come together quick, but I'm super picky when I sew up plush, they have to be PERFECT.

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  1. Jess, honestly these projects are amazing! I really love Ralph, and I see little Ick with a huge drooly mouth and tongue with no arms...that's just me though ^___^ Can't wait to see the next stage!