Ralph Sculpting

Been working on some sketching lately when I'm not doing Blythe customs and actually jumped into a larger project (yet another one, I know). I've been always interested in toys, I collect Qee, Kubrick, Be@rbrick and other vinyls and plastic toys. So, why not make one and put off the larger monster bjd on hold.

Ran on over to the art store yesterday to pick up clay for this project, I didn't want to use paper clay... I really don't like that stuff. I'm having issues with bad cracking on the monster bjd I was sculpting (another reason I'm putting that project off). Also grabbed some new sketching pens and sketch book.

So last night I started sculpting my first monster, who I named Ralph. I would say he's about 5" tall or so, stumpy and grumpy. He's loosely based off my sketches and changed him up a bit as I went. I have other monsters planned out if he goes well, so far so good!

I've baked him twice since this picture, the baking in between sculpting helps me handle it easier without ruining or smooshing the back or front with handling. I'm going to add more detail and work on his feet next, also need to add some more to the back of him to level out a few surfaces. I ordered the silicon molding and the plastics I plan to cast him in. I was going to pick up an airbrush set up but decided last minute to just go with aerosol painting for now, ordered 4 cans of Monster Kolor in several colors and glosses. I can gladly say, I am super stoked about how this project is taking shape!

If all goes well with this, I will make a number of castings of Ralph and have him up for sale sometime in the future. I'm still deciding on which color Ralph will be for the first release, I have pearl pink and an aqua I ordered.

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  1. great project, i'm super happy i've found your blog! and i'm about to get seriously obsessed with these little creatures you're making! gorgeous!
    one question: do you put clay over that aluminium foil and than bake it or is the prototype made of clay only?