Yarn, Dolls and Monsters Oh My!

LOTS going on lately! I have several hush projects going on that I will slowly talk about as things get further along! Eeep! One of the projects is my bjd doll I have been in the works with. I'm restarting the sculpting stage since I had barely began before. I just prepped the "innards" last night... which I'm using floral foam for. I hope to start clay work in about 2 weeks. I'll be heading out of town next week for about a week, need a vacation, can't wait!

I've been busy with doll work and reroots. I just finished a blue nylon Blythe reroot this morning. It has been washed and is now drying, I will attach it to the doll tomorrow and start her bangs next week. This reroot took me forever to finish, the holes are closer together than a Neo Blythe scalp, so it took some time.

This morning I started the next reroot, a Middie Blythe in light pink. It's SO small comparison to Neo scalps. I have done one in the past and it was a breeze so I hope this one goes just as fast.

For Mother's Day I bought myself a little gift a couple weeks ago, haha! It was a Coroporo doll kit. I saw a few pop up on Flickr and I just had to have one of my own. The kit arrived today and WOW the screws are tiny. I knew they were micro sized but I was shocked when I opened it up! Haha! I'll be putting her together hopefully very soon, can't wait to see her all in one piece!

Since I'm leaving next week for a bit I wanted to bring some projects with me! I got some new Koigu yarn for some Zoƫ socks, she picked out purple! I also started on my 5th Amineko plush for a trade with a friend. I hope to get this kitty done while I'm gone as well!

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  1. you make them. cool
    I always wanted one.
    how much do they cost.
    thank you
    god bless you