Friday's Victim

I finished sculpting the tiny monster, named him Ick but that will change. He is about 2" tall and will be my first resin casted toy. I was planning to cast Jewel Cat first but had some mishap with spray paint. Hoping I can fix him, the spray paint got sticky. So sad :( So this monster will not get the spray paint primer, I will just sand him smooth, smooth, smooth. I'm molding him on Friday and hope to start casting on Saturday. The first batch will be available in one colorway until sold, then the next and so on. I've contacted a vinyl factory to get my other guys done in vinyl. Need to measure and send pics soon to them for some quotes, very excited!

So yesterday I mentioned I was bidding on an Ebay item I had my eyes on. Well, I won it and I won another I bid on last minute through the same seller. They are 8x10 sticker prints that were only released with the Hi-Fructose magazine collection sets. It's a full print, but each figure in the print is an actual peel off sticker. No, I won't be using the stickers but instead I plan on framing them. So glad I saw the Gary Baseman today last minute.

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