Ick the Tiny Monster

Been stuck on the couch most of the day with a bad tooth and decided to paint up the second pull from the mold. This one didn't have a bad lip bubble and I was able to sand it out better, but I ran out of sanding sponges so he didn't get as smooth as I had hoped but still awesome!

I think pink will be the colorway choice for the first batch I do. I'll start casting more this week and tossing them into a box, then hubby and I will go crazy with sanding and prepping them. I feel lots of crap TV is in store for this sanding event, haha!

Keep checking back for posts on when the release of these guys will be! 


  1. Watching Ick come to life from sketch to fini has been really fun as inspiring! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. I'm loving Ick, keeping my fingers crossed that these guys go in your shop after payday so I can get my grubby mitts on one :) Thanks for sharing the design process, it's lovely to see him come to life from a sketch!