Molding the Monster

This morning I spent 3 hours (minus a coffee run) working on the clay layer for the silicone molding of the first monster... THREE HOURS! I wanted it to be perfect! He is now ready for the first layer of silicone to be poured. I'm super stoked about this part and nervous since I have never poured silicone before.

I started out with a fair amount of clay for the entire bottom, then made a cradle of clay around him to bring him more centered in my lego box.

Then after I got a good layer going I started to press the clay up against the whole edge of him to just roughly show 1/2 of the monster sticking out. I added my air vents (coffee straws) to the hands since I can tell his hands will be a bad air bubble spot. Then I used normal straws (filled with clay) for the pouring tracks. I wanted them fairly large since I saw some horror stories on Flickr of people having to narrow of tracks and the resin curing before it filled up the mold, eek! I'm super happy with how this looks and I think it would go smoothly!

When I'm all done with the first half of silicone, I'll flip it over, pull off the clay and readjust the straws. Then throw it back in the Lego box and pour the other half (being sure to use lots of mold release or petroleum jelly).

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