Monster Cast and Toys

Finished the silicone molding of the first monster today! So happy with how it turned out, only a few very micro bubbles appeared, even with the tapping and shakes. Overall I'm thrilled, it really looks great. Now the big test will be with the casting tonight, we are going to cast a test piece in a bit.

The first half looked great after I pulled the clay off. Very clean and everything stayed in place perfectly!

The second half also worked great, it poured in nice and smooth. I used Petroleum Jelly for the mold release and worked like a charm. Not one bit was out of place, very happy!

You can see a tiny micro bubble on the one tooth and a couple around the fur tufts. Nothing a little xacto knife won't fix on the resin casting. I might recast him again later down the road but I think this will work great.

Had a super good mail day to! I got my book by Bwana Spoons, more Kaiju and other vinyl, as well as a trade package! Totally made my day! Hope you all are having a great weekend, ours is a hot one... inside the house. A/C is working overtime and already froze up this morning, sweating it off but smiling!

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  1. I am in complete awesome is THAT!making your own monster from rule!
    I love how he turned out!!!!