Recent Obsession: Travis Lampe

I've seen Travis Lampe's work in the past but it never really caught my eye at the time, until now. I'm obsessed with his work, obsessed I tell you! I love the colors he uses and his style, it's so vintage. Anytime I glance at his work it brings me back to shopping at antique stores and seeing vintage Halloween decor... have I said before how much I love vintage Halloween anything?! This morning I ordered the full case of his Tear Drips and got my hands on his watch by Vannen. I've never worn a watch but that will change! haha! Also, I just grabbed his Dunny and hoping to add one more thing to my collection here soon, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

Here is some of his work I wanted to share with you for those who aren't familiar with him and his links! :)



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  2. Mesmerized by the poor little being clutching the rainbow & then the skinny long black arms & fingers reaching down for you know who. And yes the bottom piece reminds me of illustrations from children's books about shovels & trains many years ago! And the tears well I am totally captivated by them. Thank you for introducing me to his work - I love it!!!! & now you have me curious what else your are getting...? :) ...those darn long black arms with hands in both works so threatening, that's not quite the right word, & neither is evil as it is just like the depression, sorrow &/or grief that reaches out to us all that is part of life, but somehow it's just hovering right there. sigh...