Silicone and Q&A's

Just poured the first half of the silicone in for the molding. Very stoked about this, fingers crossed it all turns out good when I demold the clay on the other side. Will let it sit for 30 minutes and check in about 45 to be sure.

Hopefully all will work out great and I can begin casting the first batch of monsters, yet to be named! If all goes well, the first batch will be an identical grouping of 5 or so monsters. Yes, I plan to keep keep at least one of every toy made in each colorway for my own collection and view of my past work.

A note about sales! I keep getting asked if I will be selling the toys, where, how much, when... etc. Here is some answers so far:

Will I be selling them? 

Yes! I will be selling the toys in limited batches of 5 or so (not including the test pull and colorway, I will keep that). Once I sell out of that colorway, no more will be made like that batch... ever. So that is where the "limited" part comes in. I want them to be unique and fun to collect.

Where will they be listed?

All my toys and plush will be sold though my web store at, not on Etsy. They will go up at a certain time and day, I will announce this before the sale will begin so you can plan and such.

How much will they run?

This is still undetermined, but they will be in the range of $50 - $100, depending on the size of the toy. I assume I will post these first guys at around $50. Remember, these are hand sculpted, hand molded, hand casted and hand painted. A lot of work will be going into each toy and love!

When will they be ready? 

Soon, I am still in the early stages (from what you can see). Once I finish the silicone molding, I will run a test toy in resin to see how he comes out. If all is good, I will do a batch. If these are good, I will work on these guys to launch the first batch. So I would think in a matter of a couple weeks they will be ready (fingers crossed). I will know more when the first cast has been made and I will also do a post when they will be ready and such!

Will you sell blank ones?

Yes! I plan to release some white resin's as well for the creative folks out there. These will also be listed in batches but not limited, just limited to each batch I sell from time to time.

Can I do a collab with you or carry them in my shop?

Hell yes! I would love to do a collab with other toy makers and artists. Please feel free to hit me up and we can chat! I also would love to see some of these guys carried in other shops, but not personal stores. The shops bust be "retail" that carries other toy brands and artists. Send me an email if you would like to know more:

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