Sketches, Sculpts and Plush

Last night I was up till 2am, completely inspired and had to sculpt something! I sketched up a couple things then dove into the clay. I already baked him last night, will work more on him later but I like him lumpy and his handmade look, reminds me a lot of Dehara toys.

Forgot I had this monster in progress in my knitting bag, must finish him soon! I already made the torso but he is calling out to me to be made into a pink tailed mermaid monster, so I will redo his body soon. I tried out a different mouth style on him that I had in my head and it turned out great. Will post more pictures of him when I get further along. He will be for sale in the end though, but I want to make at least 2 more to go with him for the shop update.

I've been in the mood to decorate and we finally got our new Jeff Soto print hung. The frame is temporary but it will due till we get it professionally framed. Love this print SO much! We are ordering our 3rd Jeff Soto wood print today as well, so far we have all in the series.

I also got my full case of Travis Lampe Tear Drips toys in the mail, along with the Vannen watch by him and a back issue of Clutter. LOVE these guys to death, I am so in love with his work, I don't know why it toom me this long to get into his stuff. My next order will be his two plush crayons, I need them! I'm still waiting on his Dunny he did and the sticker print.

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