Airbrush and Plush!!

I'm moving on up, slowly! My first ever airbrush and compressor landed at my door today. Totally stoked! I have never even touched an airbrush before, so this will be such a huge learning experience for me. I didn't go with a crazy high priced set, just something I could afford and play around with. I got this off Amazon for like $110 free shipping. It came with 3 airbrushes and a compressor. So far, I plugged everything in to see how loud it was an the air flow, works like a charm! Now need to test it out with paint this weekend! I'm waiting for my MK order to arrive (hopefully next week) so for now I'll mess with some Createx paints I have on hand that I use for Blythe work.

Working slowly on a new plush to list in the shop with hopefully a few others. This first up is another mermaid monster, loving the colors I used on this guy so far! All that is left is to work on the arms, block the tail fins and work on a few other details. Stay tuned for a post on new plush in the shop soon. I'm hoping to at least have 2 normal monsters in the shop to go along with the update. All shop updates will take place in the new Bigcartel shop here.

ALSO, I still have one lonesome Sick Ick left in the shop, poor little pinky. All other Ick's have sold out except this guy, don't make me keep him for myself! Haha!

You can find his listing here in the shop.

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