Cats, wool and weight loss!

Very happy to see that I'm down another 2 lbs this week and I still have till Monday to weigh in! A total of 10 lbs so far and I've been back on WW for almost 2 weeks, not bad! I need to jump on the bike here soon for at least 15 minutes still.

Today for lunch I'm having a cup (maybe a bit more) of white rice, soy sauce and two grilled chicken tenderloins I threw in the oven. Total of 11 pts (maybe a bit more since I added a bit more rice, so 13?).

The roving I dyed up yesterday is finally dry, love the colors. I will be keeping both to spin up soon, I was craving some new roving and just had to dye up a small batch.

Ok, on to some cute things! Elvis and Cha Cha used to hate one another. I did some "positive association" as seen on that cat show and it is working. I've done it little by little over the last few weeks. Anytime Elvis is in my lap, I'll call over Cha Cha and pet her, then vise versa. Now they love each other!

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