Been in the mood to sew a bit so I whipped up a zipper pouch the other day and a little boho style coaster tonight! Haven't been in the mood to sew... at all. So it's nice to be in the mood once in a while. I might make more coasters for the house but I need to work on my square sizes, I cut 1.5" squares... to small! Thought I would get to cut out 4 coasters but only got 1. So ya, my mind is still in bed I think. I'm running on 2-3 hours of sleep today but doing awesome!

Sounds SUPER cheesy but I'm dieing to clean tomorrow! Picked up some Mrs. Meyer's basil and lemon scented cleaner and it smells amazing! I think the bathrooms will get the attention first, then on to the living room. I haven't been this excited in... well, ever!

So this week I jumped back on the health wagon (Weight Watchers) and have been going strong all week. I started up on my workouts yesterday morning by doing 15 minutes of fast speed stationary biking and 3 sets of 25 arm workouts. Even as tired as I am today I still managed to get my workout done before 10 a.m.! A friend recently said "Bikini's by Xmas" and it's all I'm thinking about! :)

This weekend I plan to venture back into dreadlocks! My Auntie kindly offered to do them for me this time and I'm thrilled! I had them done before with wax a while ago but took them out after less than a week... hated the wax. SO this time we are going with the twist & rip method with NO wax. I tried to melt it out of my hair the first time after hearing the horrors of wax and also hating the wax. Touching my hair was gross and sticky. It took 2 weeks to get the wax out of my hair after I managed to brush them out (after several hours later). It was horrible. Can't wait! I'll get some shots of them soon!

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