Dreads: Day 1

So today I got my dreads done by my Aunt Linly! She is an awesome hippy chick with and amazing personality and look on life. We had a blast today! The dreads took around 6 hours to do, including sectioning and a short lunch break. She used the twist and rip method and I love them! Oh and there was no wax used, just a tad of back combing at the roots and in between some twist and rips. Can't wait to see how they transform over the next few weeks. 

As a thank you for her time and awesome job, I made her a mug rug and gave her one of my Sick Ick's as a thank you gift. She loves it!

Yesterday I got sweet little package, my Grody Shogun Frosty arrived. I've been wanting to add a GS to my shelf and had to grab this little guy when I saw him. I have my eyes on a few others and still waiting for some Bwana toys to arrive as well.

Well, it's storming over here. A huge dust storm rolled in seconds after I took this shot, thats how quick it rolled in. I'm going to grab some crochet and kick back for the night with my new gnarly dreads. I'll do some update pics as they mature for you guys as well!

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