Forgot to post this over the weekend, Ick's are multiplying in the house one by one. I'm up to 5 right now. One is spoken for as a blank but the other 4 will be painted soon and listed when ready.

I would like to add, I've gotten some comments regarding my dreads. I'm only deleting them because I find it rude to leave them when for one, it isn't your head and two, I have personal reasons for doing my dreads. They aren't there for "fashion" in my case, they are for personal reasons. I understand most people don't like them or think they should be on certain people but thats my choice, not theirs. I take everything that is every commented to me on crafts, dreads and other things to consideration. I just prefer to keep my blog a happy place for me to reflect on and enjoy. Thank you guys!


  1. Seriously? People are giving you flack about the dreads? That's just dumb.

    I think it's interesting watching them progress, and I don't blame you, I'd delete those comments too.

    Honestly, I've seen several blog owners that I follow try dreads out, and so far, yours has had the most orderly beginning... usually when they first start, they just look like a huge mess!!! Yours actually look pretty darn good for baby dreads!

  2. Jess, I love your dreads, your aunt did a great job! People are A-HOLES, and need to keep those comments off your blog, They ruin it for those who follow your blog and love what you do. Shit, you are a super star in my book!!!!!
    Always sending you Love, Laughter and Moonlight, my sister.......