Reroots and Yarn

So as you saw yesterday, I brushed out my hair (took about 2 hours and a lot of bitching). Then I dyed it a fresh new black/brown color. I'm amazed at how soft and shiny it was after the afro you saw. Feel better today, need to get used to the dark hair though since it's the darkest I've gone yet.

Headed over to my parents today to get Zoƫ out of the house and let her burn off some energy. We were at war this morning, so it helped a ton! Brought over some new sock yarn I got in the mail a couple weeks ago and started to cast on the Sockhead beanie. Not sure if the color is too bright for me, but it looks fun, so we shall see if I even finish it. Even though I have a swift and baller at home, I balled it by hand at my parents... what a f$#ing pain that was!

Managed to squeeze in some rerooting time today, still not done rerooting... going to work more on a nylon reroot I have going as well. Got a lot rerooted on this mohair, I had all the plugs prepped but had yet to reroot them. I actually prefer rerooting alpaca/mohair plugs vs. saran/nylon... but just HATE prepping plugs. If they came pre-prepped I would be in heaven. But because they don't (naturally) I opt for saran/nylon rerooting. Tis life. This reroot is for Amy (Zaloa).

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