Sewing and Other Crap

So I got a little carried away with making fabric headbands and whipped up 3 yesterday. They were SO easy and fast... after I did the ironing... I hate, ironing. They fit super nice and snug, ended up selling the pink mushroom and mustache print, but I'm keeping the FMF for me! If there is more interest I may sew up some more for the shop, what do you guys think? They can be worn with the wide fabric left flat on top or you can scrunch it together for a narrow wrapped look (the thin part goes behind your neck so they stay on really good). I sold the others for $15 each so the others would be the same + shipping.

A little update on my hair, my dreads are now 3 days old. Washed them this morning and the fuzzed up a lot and started to fill in my gaps I had on top. Was super worried about my scalp showing for a while but some other guys reassured me it will fill in more after a month or two. So we will see how it looks by then! They held up great, my roots loosened up a tad but I expected that. Also, I'm down 8 pounds this week (weighed in on Monday)! Thrilled! It won't be that much next time I'm sure since I lost a lot of water weight the first week, but I'm heading in the right direction.


  1. the dreads are looking sweet!

    i dig the headbands- are you selling a pattern? or do you know of a tutorial?

    1. Thanks Kelly! They are from a tutorial I found online one night, can't remember it now. But I'm selling the headbands! :)

  2. LOVE the headbands! I usually prefer all stretchy but I like the spreading fabric feature..