Sewing, Spinning and Dreads

This weekend I got crafty and whipped out my sewing machine several times. I whipped up a new knitting bag last yesterday, along with a fabric bracelet! I got the tutorial here and changed it up for a raw edge look.

I also had a chance to get some spinning in yesterday while hubby took the little one to visit with his Dad. Finished spinning 1/2 of the batts (Hobbledehoy in Hot Chocolate), hoping after some reroot work today I can get to spinning the other half so I can ply it tonight or tomorrow. I want to knit up another Capucine hood for this winter, I think the browns would go with most of my clothes I wear and look adorable with my dreads! I may knit up a couple more as well, just waiting for my dpns to arrive, I lost my other pair, oop's!

On to the dreads! They are technically on day 2, since the first day was install. So I have a date ticker going on Dreadlock Truth's forum, love that place! I looked at other dreadlock forums but they are all pro-wax and I'm not. Having experienced wax first hand, I'm so against it. DT is all about freeform and free of wax. they are super helpful on there and friendly! I highly suggest checking out the DT forum if you are looking to do dreads or have them. I joined back in the day when I did my waxed dreads and learned SO much, hence I brushed them out the first time.

They are getting fuzzier and filling in each day and I fall in love with them more and more each day (even though they are 2 days old haha!). I'll be doing some light maintenance the first month to keep them on the right track with separating and palm rolling every morning and just separating after a wash. then I'll just let them be with the occasionally palm roll every so often. I'm trying to hold out till tomorrow morning to do my first wash, then I'll go every 2-3 days depending on how I feel. I hope my new shampoo arrives quick, it shipped today. I have stuff to use tomorrow morning though until then.

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