Spin, Knit, Reroot... Repeat

Been super busy lately, trying to get some me time in as well as reroot time to keep my sanity. Zoë has been a handful so I can't work on reroots as much as I would like, so I've been spinning or knitting in between chasing her. Ahhh!

I finished spinning up the Hot Cocoa batts late last night and cast on another Capucine today while at my parents for a visit.

After Bob got home I decided to clean up and throw on another Hobbledehoy dizzed roving! After diner I'll start on some reroots, but for now I'll get some spinning in while I can. I think I will use this to cast on a February Lady Sweater soon, at least for the yoke... OR I might try out a handspun shawl. I started a handpun yoke on a FLS in the past but frogged it since I didn't think I would have enough and I really wanted to knit up my first Capucine.

We got our 4th Seeker print the other day in the mail! I'm thrilled! The 5th comes out on the 2nd of August, it's The Guitarist. I think when the whole series is done we'll do a grid on a wall with all the prints.

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