Blue Killers and Knitting

After a little wait, my micro blue glow killer by Bwana Spoons arrived! Totally forgot her arrived yesterday until I saw him on my shelf this morning. He glows great and is a great addition to my shelf. Still waiting on a figure by the talented Motorbot, he should be here soon as well!

Went over to my parents to day with Z and brought my knitting! I got some work done on my handspun shawl. Finished the 18 repeats for the standard size but I think I'm going to do the 26 repeats before getting to the lace instead. I want it fairly larger than the standard size to really show off this yarn. I'm switching it to brown for the lace edge, can't wait to get to that point! Tonight I'll work a little on the Gingko shawlette and be sure to get a progress shot this weekend. I'm pretty close to getting to the lace on that shawl as well!

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