Blythe Sewing

Say what, did I mention Blythe?! It's been a while since I posted anything just about Blythe. I tried to leave the hobby a bit but she tends to find me very soon after. I've ried leaving 2 other times before this and this made the 3rd time, I should just suck it up and admit that she is here to stay with me. Kicking myself for selling off all my sundries and things, oop's! It will be fun to kind of start fresh though. I have one, maybe two girls coming my way and I'm very excited!

I've been sewing Blythe dresses weekly though, I just LOVE sewing dresses and pulling prints. I think I enjoy making little dresses more than people things, gasp! Speaking of dresses, I stayed up till 2:30 am sewing dresses, oi! I have 4-5 going in the shop today, just need to finish them up this morning with buttons and a little photoshoot! Look for my tweet or FB post on when these go live today, there is no time set... I find it impossible to set a time with a 3 year old haha!

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    I love looking into blog to see what great crafty thing your working on.
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