Since Halloween is my favorite holiday ever, I decided to do something fun this year. I'm making 10 of these little ghosts from the book MochiMochi Teeny-Tiny for gifts! I knitted up one really quick to see how I like the pattern and it's so quick, a bit fiddly but easy! I used size 2's on two short circs and some light fingering weight yarn I got from Joann's a while back. One down, nine to go! 

I plan on making 10 snowmen as well for xmas for the same group of people. Not sure if they read my blog or not, so I'll keep quiet on what group of people these are for!

In other knitting news, I started Z's cardigan yesterday! Made a little progress, almost down with the repeats for rows 1 & 2. I'm loving the colors though, they are a bit more orangey in person but really pretty! I like that they aren't too bold and more subtle, can't wait to finish this up! I just hope I can get it done in time for our trips in October, I have a few other projects to work on for xmas gifts... mostly sewing though!

I'm SUPER excited that my yarn arrived for the Thalia shawl!! I'm so in love with the colors, pictures don't do it justice so I won't even bother trying to capture them right now until I start it. I was so in love with this shawl and in the colors used I just had to make my own. Very excited to get this project started once I finish up my handspun shawl. Speaking of my handspun shawl, I'm ready to start the wavy lace! Just need to find 15 stitch markers... I may just use scrap yarn for it though.

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