Click, click, spin...

Been spinning up a storm in between doll work and handling the 3 year old. Also been knitting a lot lately, must be that time of year for me. I tend to go in and out of crafts like a season. I'll knit full force for a while, then go to crochet, then spin, then sew... etc.

I started the Gingko Shawl this morning and really liking it... although it's as simple as you can get, but I'm not complaining! The lace will be at the end of the shawl edges. Hoping I can do the lace since it's only on a chart and not written, I have yet to work off a chart and feel confident. So fingers crossed!

Also on my table is the Handspun Shawlette I started the other day. Got a little bored so I set it aside for a bit. Only 6 more rows to go till I switch yarns though, so I'm almost there! I'll be using a chocolate handspun I did the other day for the trim on this shawl. I love that I can showcase my handspun on this shawl and it's not tight either with the larger needles.

On to some handspun! I still have some of my own dyed roving on the wheel, but these are some of my recent spins. Some were done a while ago, I just rephotographed them... for the hell of it since they were in the pile haha! Funny enough, all three were spun with Hobbledehoy fibers! :)

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