Luna Spinning

I got this batt set from my friend Sayra's shop and it has been asking to be spun since the weekend. I finally got a chance to put it on the wheel since I finished up the mustard yarn! While spinning it, I realized how much the colors remind me of one of my favorite creatures... a Luna Moth! I need to find a special pattern to knit this up with, thinking another Capucine or handspun shawl. Something I would want to use. I hope the colors end up similar to the batt colors, so we shall see!

I pulled the mustard yarn off the wheel last night, thought it would never be done being plyed. I got 215 yards and it's about worsted weight I think. Very pleased with the results. This was spun from my own hand dyed roving!

So I'm back on WW and trying to get back on track. I was doing great for a week straight, lost 8 pounds... then the week after... fell off track and gained nearly all of that weight loss back. I felt SO horribly yesterday and this morning. Since I didn't eat breakfast yet at the time this morning I decided to get back on track and work hard to get where I was at. So far today I've been doing great! The peanut M&M's in the kitchen are killing me today, I need to send the huge Costco sized bag to my parents tomorrow or I will be doomed for sure! I pigged out on them yesterday like crazy. For dinner I think I'll make shredded chicken taco's!

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  1. *drool* that luna yarn is to die for. WOW, Jess. You make me want to spin someday. I always have wanted to, but you've rekindled it :)