Mmmm... Fabric and Iced Coffee

After seeing this post on an iced coffee recipe, I just had to run out and pick up some new creamers! I normally just use vanilla but I need some new flavors. I picked up the York Peppermint Patty and the cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream today! Now I need to wait for the damn ice cubes to freeze, forgot to fill the trays last night, boo. Dieing to try out the peppermint one, smells amazing!

Also while I was out today, I swung into the fabric shop and grabbed my solids for a triangle quilt I have in the works! I'm normally a Kona girl, but when I saw the Country was 50% I had to buy, plus the quilt is for me so it's ok. I picked out 5 solids: mustard, white and three shades of pink.

I also grabbed some new prints for Blythe dresses! I'm in the mood to start the Halloween line so I grabbed a couple prints to add to my current spooky stash! I'll start sewing tonight! So stay tuned for the shop update on new dresses tomorrow.

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