Mustard Happiness

I love mustard... the color. Hate the condiment, but absolutely love the color. I tried my best to dye up the last roving with mustard hue's and I'm fairly happy with it. It's already half spun up, hoping to spin the other half sometime this week. My left elbow has been killing me after 5-10 minutes of spinning and I'm pretty sure it's "tennis elbow". Someone mentioned trying a sleeve thing to go on my arm when I spin or knit and I may try it out to see if it helps. So far today, no pain... but it's only 9:24 AM so after I get on the wheel today it may start acting up, I'm hoping not. So back to the spinning and mustard, hah! I'm loving this yarn, just need to figure out what project I want to tackle with it when I'm done plying!

Also, that new batt set I got the other day has been calling my name since it arrived. Need to get that spun asap... reminds me, I should really pick up more bobbins!

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