New Bag!

Yesterday I was searching everywhere I went for the perfect knitting bag that would hold not just my knitting but my pattern binder (it's a 1" binder) and couldn't find anything I liked so.... I went home and whipped up another Jane Market Bag! This is my 3rd time making this bag and I love it every time! Takes about 1 and 1/2 hours to sew up, not including cut time and it's really easy to do.

I added a pocket inside this time and machine embroidered the front pocket tops. So it has 3 working pockets (fronts and the inside). Love it!

I checked into knitting at one of the local yarn shops yesterday and they said Friday and Saturday is a good crowd... so I'm hoping to head over today after hubby gets off work and knit with the girls! I'm super shy and nervous about going, but I think once I go the first time it will be easier the next since I would have already introduced myself. So fingers crossed I get enough nerve to head over tonight! I need an outing badly and some conversation with women like me haha!

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