Now that my Gingko Shawl is done, it's time to get my Handspun Shawl finished! I'm doing the 26 repeats instead of the 18, so I have 16 more rows to go before starting the wavy lace. Feels so weird to go back to this project after using size 6's and fingering weight yarn, the handspun shawl is on size 11's with chunky handspun. I'm anxious to switch to the brown handspun though, I'm using that for the lace. Both yarns are spun by me and are Hobbledehoy fibers!

The stitch markers make me want Oreo's when I knit... could be a good or bad thing, haha!

Speaking of stitch markers, I have a new favorite! I picked these up on Etsy the other day from Little Monkey's Stitch & Spin. They fit up to size 9 I think and are totally snag free and they don't get in the way! I normally use scrap yarn but I'm tired of the knots coming loose and falling out of my projects, so I decided to start using big girl stitch markers haha! The oreo stitch markers used in my handspun shawl (picture above) are from Wine Makers Sister and these fit up to size 11 needles. I also love these markers, they don't snag as well and are super cute! I need to order more now that I think of it!

A nice surprise today... I forgot to check the mail yesterday and figured nothing was in the mail anyways so it didn't matter. Hubby checked it while grabbing lunch today and ta-da! The yarn arrived for Z's cardigan! Score! I'm itching to start her cardigan and hope to have it done by October for our two trips. I went cheap and got Knit Picks, but I really like their yarn. It's very under budget and good quality. Plus, they have tons of colors! Details for her cardigan:

Pattern: Go Buffalo (Ravelry)
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes - Sport (Mai Tai Heather and Caution)
Buttons: to be determined

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