Oh, (yarn) balls!

Finally finished my handspun shawl!!! I stayed up till about 1 in the morning finishing it up, I was so determined. I ran short on brown handspun and had to call it quits at row 12 of the lace instead of 13... ooo, such a rebel! I had just inches left of the yarn after I binded off, whew! Gave it a nice soak with Soak Aquae and it's been blocking on my dining table, really hope it dries in time for dinner, gulp! I think it's almost dry or at least ok to unpin. It turned out way bigger than I had expected to. I kept reading how small the shawlette is from other knitters and I was pleasantly surprised how big it turned out... although I did the larger version, not sure if they did as well or not. I forgot to take measurements before hand, damn.

Crappy dining room shot, almost didn't want to post this picture, blah.

I went to take Z to my parents house today for a visit and made some progress on her cardigan! I think I did 2 more stripes, I'm a couple repeats away from separating the sleeves and I can't wait. Once I move the sleeves to scrap yarn this cardigan will fly, I'm super proud to finally after 10+ years of knitting to finally knit a sweater... I tend to get bored easy and leave projects in my bag (for years).

Since I finished my handspun shawl... this means I can cast on my next project!!! I'm starting the Thalia Shawl next. It was a toss up between the Thalia and the Shetland Ruffles. I was going to cast on both but I think I'll stick to two WIP at a time, that way I can focus on getting stuff done. This weekend I'll start holiday knitting and such, I have an awesome project to make for my dad and hubby. Very excited about these!

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