I find it funny that we had a BBQ today and the only pictures I managed to take were of my cat Cha Cha haha! Well, I did take a few of Zoë in the grass but not many more than that. The heat SUCKS in Arizona, it's 106 degree's today (mind you, it isn't that hot today). Zoë wore herself out... which is good for us, that means early bedtime and lots of catching up to do on Trueblood tonight. I'm only on the 2nd season (2 episodes to go) and I decided to rewatch the series with the husband, so now I get to watch season two all over again... the wait is killing me!

Had a great mail day! Got some new stitch markers in the mail that look like Oreo cookies... now I'll know for sure I'll want cookies when I knit, oop's! My current ones are driving me off the wall. They are the normal jump ring style, but even though the gap on the ring is beyond tiny, my yarn is still making its' way through it and moving on me. Luckily I know where they are supposed to be, so I can catch it as I knit, but it's driving me off the wall. I normally just use a tied yarn loop for my stitch markers, but I wanted to be fun and have cute ones this time.

I also got an amazing batt in the mail from Sayra, who runs the shop Atomic Blue. I love her colors and this one just had to be mine. I think I have a project planned out for it already, just trying to decide if I want to spin it as a single spun yarn or a plied yarn. I really want yardage, but then again I really love my yarn plied. So chances are... I'll ply this baby.

Monday I'll start working on reroots again, but for the weekend... this will be my spot while I knit and get the current yarn off the wheel so I can throw on those batts. The one I'm spinning now is gorgeous (I'll post a picture next post) and I have to spin the second half so I can ply and get that yarn off. No plans for it just yet.

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