Slip Knit Pass

I think my new favorite knit stitch is SKP, I love that stitch for some reason, not sure why. Random thought I know, probably to much shawl knitting haha! I'm almost done with my Gingko shawl! Only 14 rows left (I think), woo hoo! My Soak wash should be here by the time I finish so I can get it blocked right away... maybe even this weekend if I can knit fast enough! I have a crap load of patterns on queue and I wish I had more arms and time to work on them all right now. Here is what I have on queue to start soon, one after another (no order):

Whew! Thats a list! I actually ordered the yarn for all the projects except the Cladonia and Sweetgum. Still need to decide on the two colors for the Cladonia but I'm leaning towards a mint and strawberry for that shawl. As for the Sweetgum, I still need to spin up the yarn for this one. I may just order some new fibers to spin up for it, thinking of doing thick & thin bulky singles rather than plied. Most likely will be Hobbledehoy fibers, I'm already drooling over a handful of sold fibers from Liz's shop! Haha!

So back to the Gingko shawl! Yes, about 14 more rows and I'm ready to bind off. I'm loving the patter and it's super easy to memorize for each row. I'll miss knitting it for sure! Had to buy new highlighters today since I kept stealing Z's markers to mark my row on the chart and she finally caught on and stole them back. Boo.

On a short trip to Joanns today some Paton's Wool caught my eye and I found the perfect felted slipper pattern for it, the French Press Felted Slippers (see on list about for link)! It calls for two 1" sized buttons and I fell in love with these clay ice cream cone buttons!!! I'm just itching to knit these up... even though it's over 111 degree's out right now, but they will be cozy for winter. Eep, too fun!! I seem to be in a green mood today, everything I bought was green... a new knitting pattern binder, tee for miss Z, paper clips... YARN! Green is my favorite color after all.

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