Thalia at Midnight

Last night I started my Thalia shawl! I don't know why I always hesitate to start a new project, almost like I'm nervous about starting it. I've always been this way to, even with crochet. I couldn't stop knitting this last night but after it hit midnight and I couldn't see much anymore I had to call it quits. I made a lot of progress, got to row 32 out of 96, not bad. Lots of double yarn overs and repeats within repeats, so I need to be sure I can think straight when working on it haha!

So last Saturday I went thrifting with  my mother in law and forgot I picked up this super old granny square blanket. After laying it out last night I noticed it was super long and not very wide, it dawned on me that she probably used it for her sofa and not so much as a blanket. Ta-da! It's on the couch now and I love it, make my knitting corner (or lack of) more cozy! I love this blanket, I need to repair some holes in it but for now it will rest here... until Z takes it off. :/

I'm dieing to go thrifting again this weekend! I used to go quite often and then I kinda slowed down to a stop. But now that I got it back in my system I wish I could head out everyday! I'm working on a batch of dresses to list in the shop tomorrow or Saturday, as well as more Blythe "Newspaper" hats! I also need to finish up a reroot tomorrow night and hopefully get closer to finishing up this mohair reroot. I'm starting two more nylon reroots next week and then I should be done with reroots! There are 2-3 faces I'll be doing this weekend as well... so busy and all I want to do is sit and knit, maybe start a new quilt to!

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