Yarn for Lunch

12 more rows!!! I only have 12 more rows left on my Gingko Shawl! So excited to get my first shawl done so I can finish up my handspun one, I think I have like 16 more rows to go on the handspun shawl and then the lace.

I finished up knitting my Ice Cream Slippers last night, I just need to sew them together tonight and felt them tomorrow when I do the sheets and pillows cases. I'll just tied them up inside a pillow case and felt away! Right now they are in a pile of mess with way to long ends, I got carried away with the long ends to sew them up, oop's!

I got my yarn in the mail for my Citron and Shetland Ruffles Shawl, but decided to switch out the pink I ordered with my green/teal yarn on hand to go with the brown yarn. The picture showed the brown yarn as mustard but ended up being way darker than expected... I'm not a pink and brown person, so I needed to ditch the pink. I like this combo a lot now! I do however love the Malabrigo lace I got for the Citron, it's the Black Forest color and love it!

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