Blythe Wall Tutorial (kinda)

It's been a while since I did a post, eep! I thought I would post about how I made my recent Blythe wall for my shop backdrop! I didn't take pics while making it since I didn't think about doing a tutorial at all, but after some requests I decided to at least walk you through on how I made it (it's still drying, so I'll get an updated pic tomorrow)!

What I used:

  • One - 12" by 15" thin ply board from Hobby Lobby (my board was like $7 and really long, I just cut it down to 15", the width was already 12")
  • One - soft thin piece of wood from Hobby Lobby (was like $5 and about 4.5" wide and really long)
  • One - squared long wood rod also from Hobby Lobby (was like $4 I think and really long)
  • A sheet of square scrapbook paper that is 12" x 12"
  • Hand saw
  • Chalk pastels & Q-tips
  • Ruler
  • Pointy object like a screwdriver (nothing sharp though)
  • Pen for marking lines
  • White paint
  • Glue
  • 2 foam paint brushes

I mentioned to get the soft wood thin piece for the lower panel on purpose, I'll explain why in a few.

What I did first was mark off the length on my larger wood piece, this is the wall itself. I made mine 15" tall so I had plenty of room to crop pictures and stay on the wall. Then, with a small hand saw cut this line so you now have a 12" x 15" piece of wood! 

I then cut my bottom panel of thin soft wood to measure 12" long. This will be your wall paneling. Also cut the squared rod off to the same width. You can see my picture above how it is sort of laid out. I have two pieces of scrapbook paper in the pic (chalkboard print and skulls), wasn't sure which to use.

Then you will paint the rod and paneling white. I did two coats of white acrylic. You can paint them other colors, this is just what I wanted. After they are dry, now you will add the lines to your panel piece! I did a marking at every inch, then took a hard plastic ruler and pointy object to press the lines by running my pointer down. This makes it look like you have real panels! 

Now, you will glue down your scrapbook paper to the very top edge of your larger wood piece you cut (the wall). Then glue down your wide panel you just painted and the freshly painted rod (after they are dry that is!). I set a heavy book on the paneling while it dried to keep it in place.

Once it's all dry, I took my chalk pastels in 2 shades darker than the white (pale gray and a charcoal gray) and rubbed them with a Q-tip down the lines I made on the paneling. I also ran some chalking along the top and under the rail (squared rod). I didn't seal mine, but you can spray a matte or gloss on the lower panel if you wish (cover your paper though). Thats about it! 

I'll be adding tiny posters to the wall tomorrow. I'll post my details on how I make those tomorrow as well! :)

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  1. This is a great tutorial. I cant wait to try mine :)