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So, as of yesterday I started to get back on track with my weight. I'm on day 2 back on WW but doing things a bit different this time around. I'm not just focusing on my daily points, but I'm trying to make healthier choices. So rather than having that 5 point slice of pizza, I'm opting for a healthy 5 point meal. If that makes sense? I had kind of a wake up call last night and it got me thinking pretty hard about my life and what I have to show for it. Yes, I've created many crafts and work on awesome dolls, but I really want something more personal to be shown for myself. My weight is the top of the goal list, if I can loose the weight, I can do any goal I believe. So I could use all the positive motivation I could get right now to keep me on track.

Sounds silly, but one of my big goals is to fit into this tee. I got it on clearance at Old Navy and they were out of my size, so I grabbed the next size down (aware that it won't fit, yet I was still upset it didn't fit lol). I'm dieing to wear it, it's snug around my boobs but not to bad everywhere else, but not comfy enough for me to wear out of the house (or in the house). So if I could fit into this shirt I would be thrilled since it would show I made progress. I think I'll try it on once a month to see if there is progress... maybe I should take a pic of me in it once a month, then I could "hopefully" see the shirt loosen up, right?

On top of new changes (again) I have been working on lots of little Blythe knits when I should be working on my shawl and Z's cardigan... bad Jess, bad. So lately my knitting bag has a Blythe toting around in so I can keep checking my sleeve and edge length on her. It's been a while since I knit doll sweaters haha! I promise to work on my own knitting soon! I have made a lot of progress on my shawl, I still need to photograph that! Eep!

This morning I jumped on the whole 30 Days of Lists project, I need to catch up to today's list, ack! I'm using an empty Smash book for this journal, if I like doing it this month I'll pick up some small moleskine journals and do next month as well! I just need something to focus on writing wise, I miss keeping a written journal, hopefully this will kick start it back up again!

I'm taking Blythe commissions again and have some girls at the house to work on this weekend, as well as a box of bjd heads! The weather has been a bit humid and I can't spray my MSC layers with humidity or it will turn the faces white (did it the other day, ack). So hopefully this weekend I'll be able to spray inside in the unused bathroom, it's supposed to storm this weekend till Tuesday. Yay for storms, boo for no work.

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