Been trying to get this yarn finished for a while now. Just finished one half and stayed up late last night and spun most of the second half while thinking of idea's for my first zine. More info on that when I get some, hah!

Our Seeker wall is growing (and crooked). We have two more Seeker prints on the way soon, the set was for Black Friday and I'm super stoked to see it in person. What is a Seeker, you ask? Check out Jeff Soto on Facebook for updates on his Seeker prints!

Oh vinyl, how I love thee. Just a pinch of my collection. I started collecting more vinyl again and love every one of them.

My favorite section on the book shelf, my Chuck Palahniuk's. It's sad to say that I'm so behind on reading and haven't read anything past Haunted. But I will catch up soon, I hope!

Things I'm in love with this week:

  • Zine's: Recently discovered the zine scene again, it's been years since I read a zine
  • Feminist blogs: I just love feminist blogs, they make me feel powerful 
  • Chocolate Milk: I love it with ice!
  • Makeup: I rarely wear a lot of makeup, but I've been obsessing over it the past week!


  1. What away to start my day, Thanks Jess!!!!! I love your BLOG.