Busy, busy!

Ok, so my plans to do a blog post schedule still hasn't been done, as you can see! I've been spending too much time on my weight loss blog, eek! For an update on that, I'm down 11 lbs as of Monday! Woot! Monday is my next weigh in and I hope to do ok, trying to get to my first goal of 20 lbs lost. I'm doing 20 lbs at a time rather than the whole picture of at least 100 lbs. Seeing a large number scares me, but seeing smaller 20 lb numbers aren't as bad! :) I also lost an inch in my thighs!! I think it's from the walking I've been doing every day. But I'll admit, I haven't walked much this week. I came down with a cold Z had the other day and still down. Feeling a little better, I think.

As for projects! I have tons I'm working on right now. I just finished two reroots (finally) and started one yesterday! I have several more to do after the one I started.

A new doll arrived yesterday for me and I couldn't be more thrilled with her! I have wanted a modded sleeping Piki for years and now I finally have one! I got her in trade for the reroot work, she still needs a face this weekend. Not 100% sure on what I have planned out for her just yet but I'm leaning towards something really different and Pinkytoast inspired!

Not sure if I posted this or not, but my new Person doll arrived a little while ago and I'm smitten by her completely! I gave her a new faceup and she now wears one of my handmade fur wigs. Love her to pieces!! The dolls are kind of growing, but mostly bjd's. I now only have 1 Blythe and 3 bjd's. I still want to get a couple more for my collection. A Pipos Cheshire is calling my name still, as well as a Supia Rosy SD. Huge, I know! I still wouldn't mind a Minifee boy as well!

Something I totally "freaked" over this week was my two orders from Freaker USA! I saw a friend post her cozie on IG and had to have one... or a few! My first order was a cuppow set with the Owl Freaker, it came with a santa Freaker for free too! Then after buying that one, the next day I went back and ordered a skully Freaker for my water to take with me on walks. I figure since it was finally getting somewhat chilly out, I really don't want to carry a cold water bottle. LOVE these! The company is AWESOME! From the packaging to the product, it's A+++! All I can do is praise this company!

I use my Cuppow set daily with my iced coffee! Also (I didn't know this at the time) but the Freakers are all the same size. The Cuppow ones are just the top of the Freaker folded in at the top. Awesome!!

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  1. i just saw the Freaker guy on Shark Tank. i want to marry him.