Knitting on the side

So I've been so busy with work stuff (faces and reroots), but I have been able to squeeze in some knitting on the side. Lately Z's new favorite thing to do is play outside in the afternoon with the neighbor kids. This means I can sit out there and spin or knit! Perfect escape! I'm making a lot of progress on Z's cardigan, got past the sleeves (finally) and now just working the length. It's going by much faster now that the sleeves are out of the way.

I'm waiting for some Dream In Color Groovy to arrive so I can start on a chunky beanie for me! I saw an awesome one on Etsy, but I really didn't want to pay $35 on a hat that I could knit up for the cost of $12, so being me, I ordered some yarn and found a guide to knitting a custom beanie! So I can't wait to cast that on. I have also been making slow progress on my shawl (I'll post pics soon). It's slow since the repeats really have me fully focused... and lately, I have no time for fully focused projects. There are repeats inside of repeats, easy but yes, you need all your brain for this knit.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday, I weighed in and lost .2 oz (glad it wasn't a gain, because I thought for sure I would gain this past week haha)!

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