Knitting with Sniffles

Ok, I have a million things to do.. clean, colorwork on faces, reroot, sew dresses.... but I'm knitting since I feel crappy and can't seem to leave the couch. Woke up feeling not so hot and have been feverish all morning.  So instead of doing what I should be doing (like cleaning for one), I'm going to work on a hat for myself. Hoping to finish it by tomorrow so I can wear it. It's just a basic beanie with a 2x2 edge rib. I got the info here.

For mine, here are my specs:

Yarn: Dream in Color Groovy - Amber Glass
Needles: size 11
Guage: Was 4 sts per inch

I cast on 80 sts and did 1.5" of 2x2 ribbing, then switched to stockinette. According to that site I linked above, I should go about 5.5" before starting my decreases.

Not sure if I'll put a pom pom on top or just leave it basic.

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