Operation: Un-Move

Operation Un-Move will be starting this week! A little info about our house before I explain what I'm doing... We live in a 2 story town home that is no more than 780 sq ft. It's small, very small. The stairs take up most of that space as well as 2 bathrooms. It's 2 bed, which is good, but there really isn't any storage inside the home, no bathroom cabinets, etc. We want out badly but there is no way it's going to happen right now, so I need to get creative. The house is cluttered beyond anything and it needs a really good cleaning, so commence the Un-Move!

What I plan to do is pack. Pack up each room completely (minus furniture and electronics that are hard to move), clean and gut, then unpacked and redecorate like we just moved in! I'm only doing it room by room, so I'll start with the living room and finish that before going to the next room. 

I've been wanting to buy some new pieces for the house but hate how it looks right now, so this new idea sounds like a great plan! When I'm all done, I can treat myself to some new pieces for the house! I think rearranging the pictures will actually be the hardest since we have two very large and very heavy Jeff Soto framed prints, but I've been dieing to move those so this will be a perfect excuse!


  1. This is such a neat idea! I think it's an excellent way to de-clutter - as you're packing and unpacking, you're likely to find things that you don't really need and can get rid of. We are in the midst of repainting our bedroom, so we have in essence already emptied the room - we just didn't put anything in boxes, just in other rooms. I'm inspired by this post to be very mindful of the things we move back in. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea!! :D We moved into our home earlier this year so I (STILL?!) have a few boxes to unpack. But I'll have to keep this in mind for the future!

  3. I did this with my kids rooms! It works a treat! Their rooms were so horribly cluttered, and now they are so easy to tidy up, the kiddies don't feel overwhelmed when they need to clean up.