Batman Basic

Ok, so I'm not a fashion nut by far, but I do like fun outfits! I prefer basic and simple, but not boring! Color has always been something I use in my art and toys but I rarely put it on me, so I'm trying add more color to my life. This outfit is something I would totally wear and I think I have most of the pieces, fuck ya! I just got the panda earrings off Etsy a while ago as a little reward for myself for (almost) dropping 20 pounds, I have 3 to go before I will let myself wear them... but then again, I can't change my left earring until January since I just got it re-pierced, boo!

Back to the color thing! Did you notice I changed up the blog yet again?! I ended up staying up a little late last night due to my insmonia and decided to keep messing with the blog. I think I like it now and I'm really trying to bring back my daily postings so I made so fun posts to do here and there! I'm working on some tutorials for you all, if you have any requests give me a shout out, I'd love to hear from you all!


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  1. Hi Jess, Again I loving the blog!!! and thanks for turning me on to the Nearsighted Owl, I love you both!!!!