First, look how adorable this picture is of my Z with my Blythe's?! Too cute, had to post it! Hah!

So 2013 is coming fast and I could not be more excited! Normally I never get this excited to start a new year, sure, I have my little list of things I want to do and change. But this time, I only have things I want to do, improve on and enjoy. The one thing you will not see on my list is "loose weight", instead I have written "get healthy". I think discovering the whole world of self love and positive body image has really changed my views for the new year. My mornings have changed to, before I would literally wake up and think "ugh, I hate being so heavy".... now I've been saying "holy crap my hair looks hideous straight out of bed!!" haha!

Some things I know I want to do are...

  • PLUSH BOOK - been in the works for ages now, so I'm starting fresh
  • GET HEALTHY - want to cook more at home and eat better (no more bad fast food, etc)
  • BAKE! - I used to bake up a storm, so I plan to do LOTS of baking next year!
  • MOVE - we are dieing to get a new place, so hopefully that will be in the works early next year
  • PROJECTS - I want to make more plush in 2013, knit more and finish stuff!
  • FILL UP SHOP - I've been slacking this month on keeping my shop filled, so that is a must next year!
  • BLYTHE - keep organized with my work, keep it steady and not over do it. 
I have a ton more I want to do next year, but for now I'll keep it simple until I really write everything out! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I'm so giddy for xmas day!!! 

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