I didn't do a post today because I really didn't have much on my mind, been in a blah mood today with our house on my mind and also feeling a little insecure today for some odd reason. Must be the Aunt Flow visit and just a whirl wind of emotions due to having NO space to put anything after Xmas. Ahhh! I want to hide in a hole and scream.... or dive into a bowl of chocolate.

With 2013 creeping up quickly, I feel the need plan out my goals for the new year but I really don't know where to start. After lots of talk and hopes all year of getting into a bigger place, I think we are finally going to be jumping down that road early next year (Feb/March). So I'm super excited about this! We have been looking at new apartments and such, mentally decorating each place we see. Oh I'm so excited!

Now, back to the insecureness. I'm not sure how I'm feeling lately, I just feel a little off. After reading some blogs tonight and seeing some comments back to my comments, I kind of gained back a little confidence and feel I can push on. I need to remind myself from time to time that...

  1. I'm amazing!
  2. I have a rockin' body, I don't need to be like everyone else
  3. I can do anything I put my mind to, stop wasting time on thinking about it
  4. I need to LOVE MYSELF!

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  1. and you are amazingly talented. Life is short, so we have to start each day being thankful that we are on this side of the dirt. ;-) Hang in there.