So I totally forgot to post yesterday, ack! I was so busy working on faces and getting stuff done. I finished up 4 Blythes on Friday night, I still have some tweaking to do on two of them. At the end of this week I'll be starting on the next set of 4 and I think I have 1-2 trickling in after that.

Once I'm caught up on faces, I have some big plans to work on my plush book presentation. I've had that damn book in the works for what, two years now?! So 2013 is the year to push this book and get published!

I've been ordering a crap load of stuff on Etsy the past few weeks and this adorable pinback swing machine arrived, SO cute!

I'm hoping to get some good posts going this week, just need to tie up a few ends on my end with my work and such. I have dolls to ship out today, clothing to sew for the shop... also I'm way behind on uploading the patches and beanie's to the shop, as well as some yarn. So hopefully I can get the ball rolling on that this week, eep!

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