Yarn. Lets talk about this soft, fuzzy, amazing string. I'm not a huge hoarder, I used to be though. Living in a tiny town house has limited my stashing capacity. I mostly tend to hoard sock yarn (fingering weight that is) and handspun.... and spinning fibers, but I just consider that extra house insulation. The past year has been weird, I used to sell anything that came off my spinning wheel, but now I just can't seem to let go even the ugliest of handspun yarn. I have finally decided to break that and start listing my handspun in the shop once again. I haven't listed a yarn in the shop for well over 3 years, gulp. Lets pray I don't turn into a fetus and ball my eyes out on the kitchen floor when I get a yarn sale. No one likes tears on their yarn, right?

Sock yarn. My love. I like to knit socks, but I suffer from the great Sock ADD and tend to only knit up 1 sock... or a half a sock from time to time. I think I just get bored? So my sock yarn hoarding is mostly aimed towards my plush making. I only use fingering weight yarn and a teeny hook to make all my crochet monsters, so naturally I HAVE to buy sock yarn. At least thats my excuse! Hah!

My plan for the new just got thrown out the window. I was aiming to only buy yarn if I had a project in mind... but thats just no fun. I will buy what I want, even if I don't see a project planned for it. Yarn makes me happy.


  1. I have this same problem! I have way too much yarn! That's probably why I have a million unfinished projects, I want to test out all my yarn! Lol!

  2. I've had a fabric addiction growing for a good few years and only recently branched out into the sickness that is Yarn. Yarn with a capital Y. is it wrong that I buy it just because it's the perfect shade of what ever colour that day? (I've also been known to pet my stash and...err...stroke it!) Add this to the fact I can't knit and I look like to total nutter :D I can however crochet! but as my man says I can't possibly crochet all of my Yarn and sew all of my Fabric as then I'd have no WIP's to fuss over :D
    Textiles make me happy!