Spending most of the morning getting my craft space set back up. Before I did all my projects downstairs in the living room and dining room... sometimes in the kitchen. So now I took over most of our bedroom! I can't wait to jump in this week and work on some projects.

I now have my own desk just for my doll work and I don't have to share my sewing space to use it. I do most of my work at night, so this might be tricky since it is in our bedroom, but I may just need to readjust my work time for earlier. Plus, I'll get more natural light if I work earlier in the day!

I mentioned I have some goodies coming to the blog soon! I'm working on some silk screened fabric patches to hopefully list this week. The "feminist" patches are 4.5" x 4. I have some "self love" ones coming as well and I want to make a few more styles as well. I've been using up my scraps for the printing!

I'm hoping to finish up my first zine this week, I still have 4 pages worth of writing and filling I plan to do so it's taking me a little longer than I hoped. I 'm anxious to start making my copies and see this thing all together!


  1. ooo excited to see the self-love patches and zine!! :D

  2. So much love for all of this! Especially your Blythe doll :)
    I have one too but she is a miniature doll called Cookie xox

    1. Thanks! She is new and will be getting a redo here soon :)

  3. Jess, cant wait to see all the patches.