Fake gauges... some hate them, some love them. I had tiny gauges in the past but really love being able to wear regular earrings as well, so these are perfect for when you want the look of stretched ears but don't want to stretch.

LOVE these earrings! Super light, comfortable fit and they look real! I've seen some fake gauges and they look so fake, so these are a super gnarly! The seller is from the US and turn around time is 10-20 days, mine arrived fairly quick.

SHOP // Deceptions
PRICES // $14 - $40 (most are around $20 a pair)

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Panda's!!!!! Who doesn't love panda's?! While looking for panda earrings on Etsy, I wanted super tiny studs and these popped up. The seller is in Norway and arrived in about 2 weeks, super cute box and they came with an extra free pair of sliced lime earrings (forgot to photograph them, oops!).

Love these earrings! They are super light, tiny and well made. I will be back in this shop for more very soon!

SHOP// Misty Aurora
PRICES // $9 -$22 (most of these styles are around $9)


  1. I am so glad you like them but I must admit I got distracted by that awesome nail polish you have on! What is it??? :)

    1. Thanks so much! Sent you a note on Etsy, but I'll put it here for others to: Nina Ultra Pro in Glamrock. It's just 2 coats and love it! I'll post a pic of my nails later today! :)

  2. OH my Goddess Jess, I love the earrings(FG)and I love Pandas.